Craft Beer • Fine Wine • Spirits

“Not your typical liquor store”

Proposed Project for former Depasquale Pharmacy property
located at 319 Broadway, Providence, RI 02909

Nikki's is a specialty craft beer, wine and spirits shop.

Nikki's has been owned and operated by David and Michael Iannazzi for the past 12 years.  David and Michael have been partners and business owners for the past 25 years - 13 years in the franchised fast food business (four locations - 90 plus employees), 12 years in the retail liquor business. David has a degree in finance from Providence College. Michael has done undergraduate work in marketing at Rhode Island College, attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and is currently working towards becoming a certified “Cicerone” -  the craft beer equivalent to a wine sommelier.

Shortly after purchasing Nikki's in 2000, we began thinking about what we could do to transform a neighborhood liquor store into a unique specialty shop where discerning adults could purchase products not readily found in your average liquor establishment.

After doing considerable research, we decided to concentrate our efforts in the rapidly expanding craft beer sector. We developed a unique approach for customers to purchase craft beer allowing them to create their own customized six packs. We call it the Mix-a-Six. This concept was extremely successful and is now widely copied on a smaller scale by many other stores in Rhode Island.

For the past nine years we have focused our efforts in establishing Nikki's as the premier specialty craft beer shop in the region. As a result, we are now considered to be one of the highest rated craft beer establishments in the country with a knowledgeable, well trained staff and an inventory of more than 1,000 different craft beers from thirty five different countries.

We are well known in nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut as well as up and down the entire east coast with many customers from other states frequenting our establishment when traveling through the Rhode Island area.

Our vision for the future is to continue our focus in the craft beer sector and refine our fine wine and high quality spirits selections. To accomplish this we believe that it is necessary to relocate Nikki's to a larger location in an area of the city that has a more diverse population and is focused on revitalization.

Some of the criteria we used to evaluate potential new locations for Nikki's include:

An area where Nikki's can become a neighborhood partner and an active part of the community; an area with complementary businesses that attract customers with similar tastes and interests; ease of access to downtown and the highways to further develop our status as a destination specialty shop for craft beer enthusiasts; and more physical space to handle our increasing selection.

• The facilities provided by 319 Broadway meet all of our criteria. The larger physical size of this location will also provide space to hold craft beer educational classes and seminars. This location will allow us to continue our quest to expand on our vision of creating the most unique specialty craft beer/liquor boutique in the city.

• We need your support. We believe that the proposed project will be a “win-win” situation for Nikki's, local area businesses and the Broadway neighborhood community.

Some facts about Nikki’s:

Largest selection of beer in the state of Rhode Island with over 1000 different craft beers

Nikki’s has over 150 different Belgian beers, over 75 German beers, and 50+ from the UK

All 1000 beers can be bought as singles so you can create your own “Mix-a-Six“

Nikki’s has been featured in many local newspapers and magazines, both in print and online, for our extensive selection and service

Highest rated Beer store in Rhode Island on with a 100 Rating – “World Class” with 72 reviews from members from all over the country

Highest rated beer store in Rhode Island on with a 96 Rating “World Class” with 27 reviews. Most of the reviews coming from out of state visitors

Voted Best Liquor/Wine /Beer store in the Providence Phoenix “The Best of” Reader polls 2008, 2010 and 2012

4 ½ star rating on Yelp with 20 reviews

Although not required by law for Class A liquor licenses, all of Nikki’s employees are TIPS server certified to ensure the responsible sale of alcohol

In keeping with our vision of focusing on only the highest quality specialty products,

Nikki’s does NOT sell:

    • Malt liquor
    • 40 oz. beers of any kind
    • “No name” generic spirits
    • Low quality cheap “party” wines
    • Grain alcohol
    • Energy/caffeinated alcohol drinks - i.e. Four Loko, etc.
    • Fortified flavored drinks - i.e.  Mad dog 20/20, Cisco, etc.
    • “Beer balls” or “party balls”
    • Non-craft beer kegs
    • Blunts, Phillies, Wraps, rolling papers or any other marijuana paraphernalia
    • Cigars of any kind


      Relocate Nikki's to the existing property located at 319 Broadway, Providence, RI.

      Put back into service a property that has been vacant and subject to vandalism/graffiti   for more than 6 years.

      Provide the neighborhood with a high quality specialty shop that focuses on craft beer and a unique selection of wine and spirits that are not currently available in other area liquor stores.

      The exterior of the property will be preserved while the interior of the property will be renovated to meet the needs of a higher end specialty retail liquor establishment.

      Exterior signage will be designed to maintain the architectural integrity of the neighborhood.

      The proposed business does not present an environmental hazard risk to the neighborhood.

      Current adjacent property uses include office, restaurant, professional, retail, and rental.


      The building will be used to house a retail specialty craft beer/liquor establishment.

      The population served will be adults ages 21 years and older.
      Business hours of operation will be Monday - Saturday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Sunday's from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

      Market area will be concentrated in the Broadway neighborhood area.

      Relocation of Nikki's will require a transfer of our existing liquor license to the new location at 319 Broadway, Providence, RI.

      Nikki's has a signed lease with the current owner of the property located at 319 Broadway, Providence, RI.


      The current zoning classification is Residential/Professional. Nikki's will seek a use variance to allow our establishment to relocate to the proposed location.

      There is ample parking for 10 vehicles in the rear of the building.

      The terms of our lease provide that the current owner bring the proposed property into compliance with all building codes.


      The proposed project does not require the services of an Architect. We will utilize the services of a few small contractors to help with some of the internal renovations.

      Our Attorney is Alfred Ferruolo. He is located at 3010 Post Road, Warwick, RI, 02886.
      He can be reached by phone at 401-736-2200.


      Funding for this proposed project will come from available funds within our organization.  No outside funding will be required.